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Syracuse Campus Library

Welcome to the Bryant & Stratton College Syracuse campus library website!

Syracuse Campus Library Frequently Asked Questions

What are the library's open hours?

Below are the library's open hours. You can call the library to verify the library's hours for the evening or weekends. 

Monday - Thursday 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
Friday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Saturday 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Sunday 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Weekend and semester break hours are subject to change. 

What is the Virtual Library & how do I access it?

The Bryant & Stratton Virtual Library is an online library for all campuses of the college. It provides library research databases' articles and eBooks for all campuses. The college Virtual Library contains a link for "24/7 Online Chat with a Librarian". The Virtual Library also provides links to access the campus libraries' websites. The college Virtual Library is maintained by the college library system.

Here are the directions to access the Virtual Library resources:
1. Log on to the Bryant & Stratton College website at and click “myBSC”.
2. Log on your myBSC, you can find it on the right side of your myBSC home page.
3. Click on the Virtual Library link, you are logged on the Virtual Library home page (remember to use your myBSC ID to log into it).
4. On the Virtual Library home page you can search and access articles and eBooks from library research databases. You also can find the titles available in the campus library’s Online Catalog system through the Virtual Library’s search box.
5. You can access the individual database by clicking the databases' links.
6. You can type the keywords in the search box, search articles and eBooks in the college Virtual Library databases.
7. You can limit your search and narrow down your search results by using the limiters.

If you want to access the Syracuse library specific information and online resources, you need to click the Syracuse Library the Virtual Library. If you have any questions about the Virtual Library and Syracuse library website, please do not hesitate to contact the market librarian Julie Zhu (

What is the Syracuse Campus Library website?

The Syracuse Campus Library website is maintained by Syracuse Library. Patrons can access the Syracuse Library website on the Virtual Library's homepage or directly access it at  The website provides information and resources that are specific to the Syracuse Campus. For example: library questions & answers, program resources, book on reserve, and library work study position opening etc..

What are the physical resources that are available in the library?

The library physical collection contains books, charts, DVDs, posters, and medical models. Library print books are organized by program areas. The library also contains print periodicals including newspapers and magazines. All items are arranged by Library of Congress Subject Headings on the bookshelves. The library has a section for reference books and a section for "on reserve" textbooks that may only be viewed within the library. There is a faculty resource section available to faculty members only. Faculty and students are encouraged to provide resources suggestions to the library.

What print periodicals are available?

The library subscribes to print periodicals for each program area and for casual reading. The patrons can locate the current periodicals in the library on the bookshelves and patrons can borrow the post issues of the print periodicals. Patrons can also access some past issues online through the Virtual Library databases. Patrons can find the library print periodical titles available at this URL

Are there any electronic tools available for locating library physical items, online magazines & journal titles, and articles?

The Library has an online catalog at to locate the physical items in the library by keywords, subjects, or subject areas. 

On the homepage of the Virtual Library, there is a Publication link. This link allows patrons to access a special library resource to find out the electronic journal and magazine titles available in the library research databases. Library research databases allow patrons to search full-text, abstract magazine and journal scholarly articles by keywords or subjects.

Are eBooks available in the library?

Yes, Bryant and Stratton College subscribes to eBooks. The eBooks are accessible via the college’s Virtual Library EBSCOhost Database eBook Collections and the library's online cataloging system at Patrons can search eBook titles through the Virtual Library homepage’s search box, or they can search or browse the eBook titles through the individual eBook collection databases. The eBook collection databases can be located by clicking the databases' links. 

What research assistance is available when the library is not opened? 

For general research questions, students and faculty can use 24/7 online reference chat. This is a web based service that is accessible 24 hours a day through library online chat service. This service provides the user the opportunity to ask a professional librarian general questions and receive responses in real time. The service is accessible through the Bryant & Stratton College’s Virtual Library homepage and the campus library homepage at

For questions specific to the Syracuse Campus Library, patrons can send an email directly to the market librarian Julie Zhu (

Can I check out books and DVDs from the library?

Current Syracuse campus and Liverpool campus students and faculty members are allowed to check out library items that are not reference books or reserved items. Students are not allowed to borrow Instructor textbooks. Students are allowed to borrow 10 items at a single time. Faculty members are allowed to borrow 20 items at a single time.

How long can I check out a book for?

A patron can borrow an item for 2 weeks from when the book is checked out. Patrons are allowed to renew an item twice for an additional 4 weeks. There is a charge for items that are returned late ($0.05 per day). 

If the library does not have the books or articles that I am looking for, can an interlibrary loan be arranged?

Yes. All faculty members and students from Syracuse campus and Liverpool campus can request the interlibrary loan service. Please contact the market librarian Julie Zhu ( for any interlibrary loan questions.

Can faculty members reserve materials in the library for their students?

A faculty member may request that journal articles or books be available for student use in the library for a specific class. A student may access these materials in the library throughout the semester. Reserved materials may not be checked out of the library and may only be used within the library. Copyright infringement prevents photocopying of journal articles and books.

What other services are available for faculty members through the library?

Reference librarians provide one on one research assistance to both faculty and students. Faculty members are encouraged to send students to the library for research purposes and the reference librarians will provide support in regards to the research assignments. The library provides workshops and seminars to support campus research. Workshops include APA citation style workshop & use of the library services, resources, research databases and computer skills etc. Reference librarians are available to teach class sessions in regards to research techniques. This is a cooperative Information Literacy across Curriculum service provided to faculty members upon request. These sessions need to be scheduled in advance for both planning and content purposes. Please contact market librarian Julie Zhu( for the request.

Are textbooks available in the library?

Yes. The "On Reserve” textbooks are located at the library’s circulation desk area (see the “On Reserve” web page at for the textbook titles). But, students use of the textbook is limited and the students may only use the textbook within the library with permission of the library staff. Students use of library copies of course textbooks should be limited to three hour blocks of time which can be immediately renewed if no other student is waiting to use the textbook.

What other services does the library provide?

Reference librarians assist students in ordering textbooks through Bryant & Stratton College Online Bookstore. Reference librarians also provide research assistance and provide assistance to students for using computer, Microsoft Office applications, the college email, Blackboard, online services such as "24/7 Online Chat with a Librarian", Smarthinking Online Tutoring, NoodleTools, online class assistance, student entrance and academic testing. 

Does the library have computers available for use?

Yes. These computers are connected to the campus network and the Internet.  All of the computers have most updated Microsoft Office applications installed. The library also has Wi-Fi capabilities for patrons that bring in their own laptops and other electronic devices.

What type of printer is available?

The library has one black & white networked laser printer.  

What is the cost to print something?

There is no charge for using the library printers; however the library encourages patrons to conserve both paper and the printer toner. The library is green friendly and recycles printer paper. It is always a good idea to print preview a document before printing and when printing PowerPoint presentations to print six slides per handout.

Is there a librarian available if I have any questions?

There is a reference librarian or library support staff available in the library when the library is open.  If a patron has any questions and is unable to get to the library, the patron can call the library or directly email to the market librarian Julie Zhu (

What is the Bryant & Stratton College APA Style Guide and where can I get a copy?

APA citation style refers to the rules and conventions established by the American Psychological Association (APA) for documenting sources used in research projects. Bryant & Stratton College’s APA Guide as any other academic institution of higher education’s APA guide are currently based on the updated edition of Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.

Patrons can get an updated hard copy of the Bryant & Stratton College APA Style Guide from the library or a digital copy from the college Virtual Library website's "APA Help" link. 

How to apply for the library work study position?

If you are interested in working in the library, please contact Student Support Coordinator & Work Study Supervisor Alison Churchill at email, or phone (315) 234 - 2552 for the library work study position. You can also find information about applying for the library work study position at

What is the Testing Center for?

The Testing Center is located in the furthest office in the library, and is available for entrance and academic testing. If you know you will miss a quiz/exam, or if you were unable to attend class the day of a quiz/exam, instructors will often require you to make up the assignment in the Testing Center. The Testing Center is also available to assist with academic accommodations. 

When is the Testing Center open?

Students can take exams from 8:00 am - 7:00 pm Monday through Thursday, and 9:00 am - 2:30 pm Friday during the regular semester. Students will always receive an email if the hours vary.

How do I get academic accommodations?

See Cassidy Weese in the Testing Center or email Students must have some form of documentation for a physical, emotional, or learning disability. These can include 504 plans, IEPs, doctor's notes, etc. If you are unsure if you qualify, stop by the Testing Center!

What do I do if I require tests to be read aloud?

Please make an appointment as soon as possible with Cassidy Weese ( Students without appointments are not guaranteed the ability to have their tests read.

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