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Syracuse Campus Library

Welcome to the Bryant & Stratton College Syracuse campus library website!

Welcome to the Testing Center!

The Testing Center is located in the third office off the back of the library. 
The center is used for admission tests, faculty tests (including makeup and 504 tests), and support for students with disabilities. 

Testing Center Hours:
Monday - Thursday 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
Friday 9:00 am - 2:30 pm
Saturday & Sunday Closed 

Testing Center FAQs

What is the Testing Center for?

The Testing Center is located in the furthest office in the library, and is available for entrance and academic testing. If you know you will miss a quiz/exam, or if you were unable to attend class the day of a quiz/exam, instructors will often require you to make up the assignment in the Testing Center. The Testing Center is also available to assist with academic accommodations. 

When is the Testing Center open?

Students can take exams from 8:00 am - 7:00 pm Monday through Thursday, and 9:00 am - 2:30 pm Friday during the regular semester. Students will always receive an email if the hours vary.

How do I get academic accommodations?

See Cassidy Weese in the Testing Center or email Students must have some form of documentation for a physical, emotional, or learning disability. These can include 504 plans, IEPs, doctor's notes, etc. If you are unsure if you qualify, stop by the Testing Center!

What do I do if I require tests to be read aloud?

Please make an appointment as soon as possible with Cassidy Weese ( Students without appointments are not guaranteed the ability to have their tests read.

Instructions for Faculty

Dropping off Test Information

• Please email or drop off tests for students 24 hours in advance
• If Testing Center Coordinator is not available, please email Alison Churchill ( or Julie Zhu (
• If dropping a test off, please fill out a Testing Check Sheet (see below)
• If emailing a test, please provide helpful information, such as: 
    • Student Name
    • Open book, open notes
    • Calculator allowed
    • Amount of time needed to complete 
    • Completion date, etc.

Instructions for Students

• If you wish to make up a test in the Testing Center, you must email or talk to your teacher to ask for permission.
• Once the teacher has granted permission to take a late test or to take a test in the Testing Center, please come with the allowed materials to complete the exam.
• Please know the following information:
    • Instructor's name
    • Course name and number (i.e. English 101)
    • What test or quiz you need to take

Students with Disabilities

Helpful Information for 504 Students:

Make sure your paperwork and IEP's are filed with the testing office as soon as you decide to attend BSC. The sooner the better. Once the 504 Coordinator reviews your paperwork you will meet and go over plan for accommodations. The 504 Coordinator is here for you any time.

Every semester your teachers will get a list of your accommodations and it's your responsibility to let your teachers know what you need. You do not need to take advantage of your accommodations for every class and every test. This is completely up to you and your own judgment.

If you want to take a test in the Testing Center, please let your instructor know during the class before the exam that you will be taking the test in the library. The instructor will bring the test to the Testing Center. On the day of the test, you are to go to your class at the assigned date and time, sign in, and then come down to the Testing Office. If you need "one on one" assistance for a test please reserve a time with the 504 Coordinator (Cassidy Weese) so we can ensure that someone can assist you at that time. 

Accuplacer Study Information

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