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ECON220: Home

This guide is designed to help students enrolled in ECON220.

Useful APA documents

APA Citation in Brief

APA citation has 2 parts:

  • In-Text Citation: A brief note, used in APA style, at the end of a sentence or idea that gives an author credit for their ideas. This in-text citation will link directly with an end of text citation. Instructors may call this an in-text citation or a paraenthetical citation.
  • End of Text Citation: A collection of information that will help the reader to find out more about a topic. The end-of text citation should link directly to an in-text citation in a paper. Instructors might call this an end of text reference, a reference, or an end-of-text citation.

Each In-text citation should match up with an end-of text citation at the end of your paper in a reference list. The links and documents to the left can help you develop these citations within your paper. A NoodleTools account will help you create references and manage information in your research projects more easily.

Opposing Viewpoints in Context

Links to websites that do not include in the address are suggested as information helpful for students and faculty. The websites are not affiliated with Bryant & Stratton College.