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Syracuse Campus Library

Welcome to the Bryant & Stratton College Syracuse campus library website!

Library Interlibrary Loan Service

What is Interlibrary Loan (ILL)?

Interlibrary loan is a service provided by Bryant & Stratton College Syracuse campus library and Liverpool campus library. This service enables the Syracuse market campuses' faculty, students, and staff to request library materials not owned by the libraries.


Why use the Interlibrary Loan Service?

Saves money-Syracuse campus and Liverpool campus faculty, students, and staff can use this service at no cost. Librarians use this service to study collection development patterns when building the collection. It is cheaper & easier to request materials, review, and then decide whether to purchase the materials. Fosters resource sharing among libraries.


Who uses the Interlibrary Loan Service?

Current students, faculty, and staff at Bryant & Stratton College Syracuse campus and Liverpool campus.  


How to find and identify the titles for my Inliterlibrary loan request?

You can use the OCLC Worldcat's website at to find and identify items in the libraries near you. 


How to request an Inliterlibrary loan?

Please complete the interlibrary loan request form on this web page's right side or send an email to the market librarian Julie Zhu ( for the interlibrary loan request. 


Interlibrary Loan Request Form

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