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Research and Writing II: Home

Research and Writing II Library Research Guide

This guide serves as a portal for students enrolled in Research and Writing II (ENGL250) during the Winter, 2016 term.  More specifically, it will provide guidance to in regard to three formal research papers assigned throughout the term. It is neither intended to be comprehensive nor to represent an exhaustive search of library collections.  Students should plan on devoting time to experimenting with various search strategies.  Comments and questions should be directed to the class (embedded) librarian.

Recomended Reading and Research Paths, Formal Assignment One

Research Starters, like encyclopedic sources, provide a general overview of the topic.  Be sure to look at the recommendations for further reading.


Genetically modified foods

Rise of the Internet and the World Wide Web

Genetically Modified Organisms

World Wide Web

One of the best ways to search a research database is to identify the subject terms that most accurately describe the concept you are interested in.  The following are examples of subject terms used in this database as well as their corresponding  database provided descriptions.

Academic Search Premier Subject Termsgenetically modified foods, food labeling,



Opposing Viewpoints in Context (OVIC) is a database offing information on a variety of contemporary social issues from magazines, academic journals, newspaper articles, primary source documents, statistics, images podcasts, and links to Websites.  Additionally, OVIC offers "overview" articles present key concepts, names of individuals, dates and landmark court cases when applicable.  These entries are best used to gain a general understanding of the issue and the nature of its controversy. Like a encyclopedia, an overview from this database may be a good starting point for research. 


Online Social Networks





Links to websites that do not include in the address are suggested as information helpful for students and faculty. The websites are not affiliated with Bryant & Stratton College.