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Welcome back to a brand new semester!  Have a great semester, and please don't hesitate to contact me or any of our library work-study students.

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From the Occupational Outlook Handbook Online:

Ted Talks: What Are People Saying?

How can I use TED Talks for my research assignment?

Do you agree or disagree with the speaker?  Why? TED Talks let us know what ideas are out there and are great for helping to define how we feel on a topic. In our research we often need to take a position and defend that position with research. Use TED Talks to jumpstart the discussion!

What Are People Saying... about Privacy?

The line between public and private has blurred in the past decade, both online and in real life, and Alessandro Acquisti (Carnegie Mellon) is here to explain what this means and why it matters. In this thought-provoking, slightly chilling talk, he shares details of recent and ongoing research — including a project that shows how easy it is to match a photograph of a stranger with their sensitive personal information. DIRECT LINK TO TED.COM

As you surf the Web, information is being collected about you. Web tracking is not 100% evil — personal data can make your browsing more efficient; cookies can help your favorite websites stay in business. But, says Gary Kovacs (now former-Mozilla CEO), it's your right to know what data is being collected about you. He unveils a Firefox add-on, Collusion, to do just that. (Update: Collusion is now called Lightbeam.) DIRECT LINK TO TED.COM

What kind of data is your cell phone company collecting? Malte Spitz (Data Activist) wasn’t too worried when he asked his operator in Germany to share information stored about him. Multiple unanswered requests and a lawsuit later, Spitz received 35,830 lines of code — a detailed, nearly minute-by-minute account of half a year of his life. DIRECT LINK TO TED.COM

What are People Saying... about IT Security?

It's been 25 years since the first PC virus (Brain A) hit the net, and what was once an annoyance has become a sophisticated tool for crime and espionage. Computer security expert Mikko Hyppönen (Cybersecurity Expert, F-Secure Corporation) tells us how we can stop these new viruses from threatening the internet as we know it. DIRECT LINK TO TED.COM

Lorrie Faith Cranor (Carnegie Mellon University) studied thousands of real passwords to figure out the surprising, very common mistakes that users — and secured sites — make to compromise security. And how, you may ask, did she study thousands of real passwords without compromising the security of any users? That's a story in itself. It's secret data worth knowing, especially if your password is 123456 ... DIRECT LINK TO TED.COM

What Are People Saying... about Big Data?

Do you like curly fries? Have you Liked them on Facebook? Watch this talk to find out the surprising things Facebook (and others) can guess about you from your random Likes and Shares. Computer scientist Jennifer Golbeck (University of Maryland) explains how this came about, how some applications of the technology are not so cute — and why she thinks we should return the control of information to its rightful owners. DIRECT LINK TO TED.COM


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Microsoft Virtual Academy

The Microsoft Virtual Academy offers fre webinars a host of Microsoft products! These are in depth, so plan some time when you can concentrate on them. Use them in conjunction with your classes to help make you a Microsoft expert.