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Company Analysis Project Resources

This guide serves as a portal for students enrolled in Operations Management (BUSS340)..  This guide is neither intended to be comprehensive nor to represent an exhaustive search of library collections.  Students should plan on devoting time to experimenting with various search strategies.

Selected Resources

Listed below are those Business Source Complete subject terms most closely related to the operations management processes that you have been asked to address for the final project. Be prepared to use search limiters as these terms are likely to produce an overwhelming number of results.

Operations Management Processes

Subject Term(s)

production process

labor productivity

transportation process


quality control process

quality control

inventory management process

Inventory management systems

scheduling process

scheduling, time management, working hours

supply chain process

supply chain management

competitiveness strategy

competition (economics)

Journal of Supply Chain Management

Original articles dealing with concepts from business., economics, operations management, information systems, and science contributions to the advancement of knowledge in areas of purchasing, and materials management

Productions & Operations Management

Scientific research into the problems, interest, & concerns of managers who manage product & process design, and operations.

Supply Chain Management Review

A new professional journal dedicated exclusively to the art & science of moving materials & products.



Lapide, L. (2016). Competitive supply chains. Supply Chain Management Review, 20(7), 16-24. Retrieved from Business Source Complete. CLICK HERE TO VIEW

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