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Research Assignment

This guide serves as a portal for students enrolled in Justice Systems (CRJU145) .  This guide is neither intended to be comprehensive nor to represent an exhaustive search of library collections.  Students should plan on devoting time to experimenting with various search strategies.

Recomended Reading and Research Paths

One of the best ways to search a research database is to identify the subject terms that most accurately describe the concept you are interested in.  The following are examples of subject terms used in this database as well as their corresponding  database provided descriptions.

Academic Search Premier Subject Term: for cybercrime use computer crimes = "Here are entered general works on any crime committed with a computer or with computer data, including but not limited to data theft, spreading of viruses, hacking, fraud, and child pornography."

Academic Search Premier Subject Term: cybercriminals = "Here are entered works on criminals who conduct unlawful acts through the use of computers."

Academic Search Premier Subject Term: cyberterrorism = "Here are entered works on attacks or threats of attack against any portion of an information infrastructure. Works specifically on cyber crimes are entered under "Computer crimes." Works specifically on data security breaches are entered under 'Data security failures'."



The books listed below are available through our ebook collections.  Please note that print, download and save privileges vary by title.

Links to websites that do not include in the address are suggested as information helpful for students and faculty. The websites are not affiliated with Bryant & Stratton College.