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English 202 Portfolio Project: Home

This guide provides selected databases, APA materials from the Virtual Library, and library guides to support research related to the English 202 Portfolio Project.


Choose a topic based on your career field, program, or academic interest and use that to explore the research process. The research process includes

  • Drafting a thesis
  • Writing research questions
  • Collecting and analyzing sources
  • Reporting or writing on findings

After you choose a topic, you need to address two opposing points of view on the topic. To start, you should do some preliminary research to find out the viewpoints you would like to explore, the different sides to the issues, and the research that has already been done. Once you get a sense of the different sides to the issue, you will be able to further explore specific aspects of the topic in depth.

This guide includes links to 

  • Selected Virtual Library research databases
  • Library guides to database searching and evaluating resources, and
  • APA guidelines and tools

for use during the portfolio project research process.

Library Guides

Research Databases

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