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Use SUBJECT HEADINGS to super-charge your search results

Subject headings yield very precise, focused searches, so as a general rule of thumb, if there is an appropriate subject heading for one of your concepts--USE IT!

How to Locate and Use Subject Headings

  1. Start with a keyword search
  2. Browse the results looking for relevant articles
  3. Look at the subject headings for each article that are usually listed near the abstract
  4. Subject headings will be active links, and clicking on one will produce a set of articles indexed with that heading

Research databases to use for this project

Project Directions

Cultural Engagement Project

DUE: December 12th

Part I. Cultural Paper-20%

After selecting a culture from the list your instructor has provided, research and identify the following from the culture you have selected. This is your opportunity to learn, submerge yourself to a new culture. Write a 3-5-page research paper on the culture you have chosen. Be sure to include the following and be creative.

Working with……

  • Location
  • Education
  • Demographic
  • Historical Overview
  • Problems/Needs
  • Stereotypes
  • Legislation/Policies
  • Community Programs
  • Cultural Values
  • Legacy/Traditions/Customs 
  • What did you learn about others?  What did you discover that you didn't already know?
  • What behaviors or actions are you willing to change because of the insights you gained?
  • What were your preconceptions about the cultural group?  Who or what shaped them?
  • What did you learn about yourself?

Part II Cultural PowerPoint- 30%

Create a power point presentation on your Cultural Engagement research paper. Be sure to include a minimum of 12 slides, not including the title or reference slide. Based on your research you will prepare a 3-5-minute oral presentation. Be sure to print out summary of your slides (3 per slides per page) and submit to your instructor.

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