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Research Guides: Evaluate Search Results

Evaluate Search Results

It's a good idea to find several more sources than your instructor requires you to use for your research project. Once you've found enough resources, the next step is to evaluate the search results. To determine the most appropriate and credible information, you need to consider these evaluative aspects:

  • Authority: Who is the author? Where was the source published?
  • Purpose/Objectivity: Who is the intended audience? What is the purpose? Is the scope of the source broad or narrow? Is the information fact or opinion? Is the information presented in an objective or biased fashion?
  • Accuracy: Is the information accurate?
  • Relevance: How is the source relevant to your research?
  • Currency: When was it written?
  • Documentation: Does the source provide citation information?
  • Design: Is the source presented in a logical and professional manner?
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